"The List"



Tasks Complete:


00. Donate $10 for every year before it snows to a charity of some cause.
01. Apply for more than one scholarship
02. Get a grade of A in something other than English IV.
03. See Caroline in my own house.
04. Have a female friend sleepover.
05. Upload at least 5 actual pieces to dA and 10 scraps.
06. Finish a comic.
07. Finish "Savior's Eve".
08. Finish the P4 Fangame.
09. Start calling Jillian "Jules".
10. Get someone to read "Narcissu".
11. Paint something I can feel good about.
12. Apply for 75% Bright Futures Scholarship.
13. Go out with someone (male).
14. Have Christine over at my house (without her period).
15. Get Christine to swim in my pool.
16. Organize the pantry and baking shelf.
17. Get the closet door fixed.
18. Finish Web Design II on FLVS.
19. Design a website I'm proud of.
20. Say something other than a greeting to Shari.
21. Bake desserts for: Garcia, Castillo, Dabalsa, Morera, Joanides, Gjebre.
22. Buy Ar Tonelico II when it comes out on 1/20/09.
23. Buy Valkyrie Profile DS in March.
24. Bring cookies for friends (Peppermint, Gingerbread, Poinsietta?)
25. Learn to use a sewing machine.
26. Learn to sew.
27. Get a new desk.
28. Go to Marshall's with Mom.
29. Lose 20 lbs with Wii Fit.
30. Upload at least up to Ch. 1 of the comic.
31. Tell someone I met this year that I am gay.
32. Bake something for Shari.

33. Cook 5 new things.
34. Finish "P3 FES".
35. Make Peanut Butter Truffles.
36. Not call someone a whore for a day.
37. Get Stella to come over again.
38. Find someone on Facebook.
39. Not go to Gjebre's on one block day.
40. Get someone to play a "Persona" game.
41. Judge someone extensively (not Carlos).
42. Find appropriate music for "Savior's Eve".
43. Make an original song/MIDI.
44. Make some nice bookmarks and use them.
45. Bake brownies again.
46. Bake something for Roxanne's birthday.

47. Find a "Grrl" for Jules.
48. Get an upper ear-lobe piercing.
49. Get "Dirty Birds" by "Kat Flint".
50. Say something of importance in Garcia's class.
51. Play with Lizzy (My cat).
52. Have a relationship lasting at least one month.
53. Leave home before turning 25.
54. Turn 18.
55. Turn 21.
56. Sell something I made.
57. Reach 100 volumes of manga.
58. Get all of "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu" (Anime).
59. Get all of the "One Missed Call" movies (Japanese only).
60. Get the "One Missed Call" manga.
61. Read "Mahou Sensei Negima" until the end.
62. Pass at least one Senior year AP test.
63. Teach a technology class at a high school.
64. Find and use bath salts.
65. Graduate.
66. Burn some scented candles.
67. Get a Scottish Terrier and name him 'Col. Mustard'.
68. Get new glasses (even though you wear contacts).
69. Get color contacts (brown or green).
70. Draw a 'Nyoro~n" comic.
71. Plan for "Space Amazons from Outer Space".
72. Get Sunglasses.
73. Find some nice, sensible runes (and use them).
74. Write a fanfiction (Dojima x Kanji?).
75. Draw some pronz.
76. Draw myself in a frilly, pink dress with a leash.
77. Force 10 people to undertsand the YHWH joke.
78. Bake something super-nice for Jules.
79. Cry
80. Bake mini fruit tarts for friends.
81. Make clothing for one of Jules' dolls.
82. Get through a conversation without being interrupted.
83. Get the "Housewives" tarot deck.
84. Throw Jules a birthday party.
85. 'Fess up to 'Bollocks'